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Hello IAMs, 

Tumblr has been a great platform to reach out to many Kpop fans.

Indeed, the number of our followers has gradually increase throughout the 2-3 years in Tumblr. 

However, due to the limitations of Tumblr, I have always wanted to switch platform so that the content of the website could be more neater and organised.  

And so finally, we have switched to the wordpress.org platform to serve you better. 

As such, the Tumblr site will no longer be updated with immediate effect. 

All the latest news, translation and updates  be updated on the new Wordpress site. 

I will place a html code in header 3 days later, and so all the vistors to the Tumblr site will be re-directed to the new website hosted on Wordpress. 

Thank you for your constant support. 

Best Regards, 

Admin HF 

-the one and only one running the website :)

[Trans] 150517 Jo Kwon’s Tweet

 Last Episode.  All of us were sobbing while filming. We were very deeply attached… *sob sob* 

 There are many nice restaurants ~ near the filming location ~ Today it’s fire jjambbong and Squid with chili in sweet and sour sauce ..!! I will miss it :-(

The fellow family members at the office. Miss Kim nua, Juri ssi, Team Leader Moo, Manager Go, i love you all. -Queen of The Office 

Cute Juri ssi ~ And our Team Leader Moo who is the kindest in the world :-)